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Laidback Country Video Production

The new video clip for "LAIDBACK COUNTRY" has just recently been filmed here in Charters Towers, with the help from the Filmery who are based in Sydney.


I was also lucky enough to have some local Charters Towers icons namely Bob Katter and local state MP Shane Knuth help out with a cameo appearance.


During the day Bob and Shane had me in stitches with some entertaining yarns and stories and they even broke into song after filming was completed.


The video for the title track off the album can be seen below.


It's going to be showcasing some amazing footage of Charters Towers and the iconic attractions you can find, including some very entertaining politicians.


Thanks for your help Bob & Shane!


Laidback Country Video

During the filming of the video clip Bob Katter & State MP Shane Knuth broke into song amusing the crowds with some traditional Aussie bush songs, I could be put out of a job! Thanks again Bob & Shane for taking part.


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