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Tony cook is an artist who is passionate about aussie outback culture, ADF veteran welfare, good people & great music. 

A man of few words, he would prefer to let his music do the talking.


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New Single July 2023

Tamworth People's Choice winner Tony Cook returns to the music scene with an upbeat catchy tune giving wise words about life and what is important which is Happiness. 

During the course of his life, Tone has lived through some highs and lows, serving in the Defence force and being deployed to an active war zone, jumping out of aeroplanes as a paratrooper and becoming a father of two beautiful daughters. 

Knowing how fast life can go he felt he should leave some lasting words of wisdom for his children, which a larger audience can take away with them also and that is life is short, just try and be happy. 

Produced by Aria and golden guitar winner Shane Nicholson, this catchy song resonates and is guaranteed to leave you thinking about the good times and great memories you may have acquired in life. It will also leave you feeling just that little bit better for giving it a spin   :-)

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Little Things Single

Little Things is the latest single release from Tony Cook, Tamworth’s People’s choice award winner for best male vocal 2019.


Produced by Aria & Golden Guitar winner Shane Nicholson, this upbeat catchy tune is about how doing the “little things” in life makes the world a better place, like using manners and being polite. 


In a world of chaos and uncertainly it’s nice to lose yourself in a song that reminds you of all the nice little things life is about.

Little Things by Tony Cook
Tony Cook | Laiback Tones
That's Country
Life Lesson's
Country Recognised

Tony Cook’s known for his passion and music for the outback but his latest single “Country Recognised” takes us down another path and gives us an insight into his past. 


Having served in the Australian Defence Force this latest single touches on his time spent in the ADF and about those who served overseas and never made it home. He also lets us in on the struggles faced by Vets dealing with PTSD. 


Tony is being helped by Mates 4 Mates (a QLD veteran organisation) with this single in an attempt to raise awareness of veterans issues and raise funds to help support veterans and in return Tony is donating a portion of the profits of this song to help support Mates with their incredible work.


In the lead up to Anzac Day this song is a tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice at war and who have not coped on return in civilian life.

Laidback Country

Wow what a start to 2019 folks! I had been completely taken a-back to be nominated and included as a finalist for People's Choice Awards (Best Bush Ballard and Best Male vocal), so much so, we decided to make an appearance and travelled 1.050kms with fellow band members John Batley & Chris Buenen to attend this tremendous event and also play a few showcases while in Tamworth.


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